image to gcode

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bit size:
step bit percent:
max milling depth:
feed rate:
size x:
max z:
above max z:
add RGB values:

This will take a minute, please be patient.
  • all sizes in mm
  • precision: Number of decimal digits.
  • bit size: Diameter of your bit.
  • step bit percent: Step size as percent of bit size.
  • max milling depth: Use this for roughing. 0 = disable.
  • feed rate: Velocity in mm/min.
  • size x: The width of your piece. Used to calculate image to mm scale.
  • max z: The maximum height calculated from the image (white is max z, black is min z).
  • above max z: Your initial bit position above max z.
  • add RGB values: When checked the RGB values of a pixel are added to calculate height (0-765 range). Unchecked the average of the RGB values are used (0-255 range, safe for most users).
  • image: JPEG, PNG or GIF. RGB! Large images will fail (I think).
  • Image left top: X0, Y0 (normalized). Image right bottom: X1, Y-1 (normalized).
  • © Thomas Huijzer. Use at own risk.
  • Your files are deleted after every upload.
  • This script will do a lookup for surrounding pixels. Using a large bit size will make the lookup slow.
  • Search tip: displace(ment) map and bump map(ping)

Also see image2stl